There should not be more people at the property than it sleeps. In  some instances we can apply to the owners for day visitors, but they are always on a case by case request.

 Afraid not – without knowing where sprinkler lines are we cannot allow tents – plus the damage of the lawns from  plastic on them can take a long time to recover.

Most properties are classed as family friendly only, normally situated next to other family owned properties  – if you are wanting a party house, please be honest and we can recommend ones that will not result in loss of bond or eviction.

Can be up to 10 days, depends on how quickly the owners or cleaners release it, and how quick banks are to transfer funds.

There is a handy section in the Terms and conditions page – click here to view

Please check each properties “Property information sheet” link – every property has different requirements of what is included. 

As above, please check the property information sheet or town maps.