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River Shack Rentals receives information from real estate agents in this region, from time to time, about shacks that have become available for sale.

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Find your own piece of paradise

Find your own piece of paradise


Shacks at Aruma River Resort - Walker Flat


About Aruma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXqHrknVXVU

Shack 6 Aruma-  Aruma River SHACK 6 - Barook - sleeps 6

Lot 14 Aruma

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Shack 2 Swan reach $1.1M WI/WO

 22 Marina Way, Mannum Waters  $895,000 


66 River Lane, Mannum  $895,000


126 River Lane, Mannum  $698,000


120 River Lane, Mannum  $545,000


81 Marks Landing, Swan Reach  $465,000


17 Jaensch Beach, Mypolonga  $379,000


25 Zadows Landing Road, Zadows Landing  $369,000 

6 Aruma River Resort, Walker Flat  $299,000


1866 East Front Road, Younghusband  $295,000


34 Marina Way, Mannum Waters  $289,000 

 14 Randell street Mannum - $699